Revolutionizing the Future of Health by Streamlining Emergency Department Operations

Healthcare can often feel like a traffic jam. Long wait times and unexpected delays frustrate patients and staff alike. Nearly half of all U.S. hospital systems report Emergency Department (ED) capacity issues, and patients routinely wait hours in the ED to receive care. From check-in to triage, diagnosis to treatment, and discharge to follow-up care, disjointed technologies and processes lead to unnecessary roadblocks.

At the upcoming HealthIMPACT Live Fall Forum, we’ll discuss one of our solutions more in-depth—the Leidos ED application. This application provides real-time information to prevent delays and improve patient flow in the ED. Our technology is specifically designed to support the unique requirements of health systems and solve traffic jams in the ER.

Dr. Don Kosiak, Leidos’ chief medical officer, will host a fireside chat on Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. ET with Dr. Paul Casey, chief medical officer at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Leidos and Rush University designed and built a set of tools to provide the Rush ED care team with the “real-time” patient-level data they needed to enable new workflows.

This session will be a great example of how our scientists, engineers, technologists, and clinical teams draw on decades of success to deliver a broad range of customizable, scalable solutions to hospitals and health systems, biomedical organizations, and every U.S. federal agency focused on health.

We hope you’ll join us on Nov. 11, and we look forward to connecting with you to see if we can help you solve your own ED’s traffic jams or provide other solutions to revolutionize your health technology systems.

More about Leidos

As a leading provider of data-driven, value-

based solutions for federal and non-federal customers across the healthcare ecosystem, Leidos believes today’s complex health challenges call for revolutionary problem-solving.

We work with customers across the continuum of care from the research bench to the patient bedside. From leading digital transformation of medical records and other supporting systems to conducting groundbreaking research to developing and supporting large-scale technology programs, we help our customers improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes – designed to revolutionize the future of health.

Our mission is to deliver secure health solutions to improve health outcomes and efficiencies. By bringing our expertise in implementing and optimizing EHR systems, enterprise IT and network modernization, cybersecurity, and other health services to bear, we deliver solutions that provide immediate benefits aimed at our customers’ most important needs. Our multidomain knowledge of the underlying science enables us to take a disciplined, efficient, evidence-based approach that distinguishes our integrated solutions.

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