Meaningful Use May Be Dead but Meaningful Outcomes are Here to Stay

Healthcare had a seven-year itch, and its name was Meaningful Use. We scratched and spent and scratched again.

When we launched HealthIMPACT seven years ago during MU stage 2, naysayers proclaimed the death of MU while others were cautiously optimistic. Almost all eventually invested in systems they hoped would transform their organizations from dinosaurs to gazelles as fast as you can say blockchain.

Back then HealthIMPACT’s tagline was “From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Outcomes.” Now seven years later, CMS has put MU six feet under and rebranded the government’s EHR implementation program as “Promoting Interoperability.” No doubt a noble cause and one we discussed numerous times over the years.

For HealthIMPACT, CMS’s announcement has caused some reflection. Eight years after the launch of MU, are we seeing meaningful outcomes from the technologies we are implementing? Despite being a New Yorker and a bit of a cynic, I say YES.

  • Has technology failed in some cases? Yes

  • Has it succeeded in others? Yes

  • Has the patient and their experience and outcomes become part of the conversation? Yes

  • Do we still need a conference about it? Yes 

What is HealthIMPACT

When we started HealthIMPACT, our goal was to build a community that would work together to improve healthcare through technologies that were making a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and experience through honest and candid best practice sharing. Shahid Shah, HealthIMPACT's Chair, and trusted advisor inspired our participants with new formats and set out to provide a TED-like experience to senior health system leadership.

The #NoBS Event

In seven years, we have held over 30 events in the largest cities in the country, and we have seen lots of change. We have also seen these communities grow and get smarter. However, despite our efforts to rid BS and hype from the industry dialogue what happens at HealthIMPACT sometimes stays at HealthIMPACT. Which is why this year we decided it was time to go big and bring all our amazing Health Impacters together at one national event in Washington, DC.

The Biggest HealthIMPACT Ever

As always Shahid Shah will lead participants through a #NoBS approach to healthcare transformation featuring the programs that are making a measurable positive impact on patients in highly interactive formats that allow you to participate, engage and act.

What You Will Not Find at HealthIMPACT

  • Complaining about the slow pace of digital transformation

  • Talking about how poorly the technology is designed and how it interferes with good care

  • Making excuses about regulatory complexity, legacy systems, and limited resources

What You Will Find at HealthIMPACT

  • 200+ change makers sharing successes and failures that will inform and inspire

  • 50+ interactive sessions designed by and for you through the impact survey tool

  • 20+ companies ready to partner and solve your toughest challenges

  • 10+ companies in the Start-Up Alley featuring the innovators at the forefront of healthcare's digital transformation

  • 3 one-day summits on Blockchain, Patient-Experience, and SDoH

  • One shared purpose – To accelerate the implementation of innovations that improve patient experience and outcomes

Register Today

It is going to be a phenomenal event, and I do not want you to miss it. The National Union Building is a unique and inviting space, but the audience is limited to the first 200 people who register and there aren't many seats left.

Remember to book your spot before June 1st and use promo code HIEEB2018. 

If you have a fantastic program you want to talk about that is transforming patient experience and outcomes you can apply to speak here or email me at

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