Insider's Guide to Making an Impact at HIMSS

The Healthcare IT industry will make our annual pilgrimage to HIMSS next week.  Over 40,000 will descend upon Las Vegas looking for answers on how to “transform Health through IT”.  The conversations and announcements at HIMSS will set the tone for our industry and for our agenda at the HealthIMPACT Forum throughout the year.  I am excited to be attending again this year, however even as a seasoned healthcare IT meeting producer and attendee, I still get overwhelmed at HIMSS.  No matter how many times you’ve been to an event that size, descending upon the chaos of it all can be overwhelming.  Here are my tips for making the most of the time you spend at HIMSS. 

Make a Plan – Don’t just wing it!  No meeting no matter how large or small will give you value if you don’t plan ahead.  You can’t walk into a party of 40,000 people and just find Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Set your goal. Review the agenda.  Look at the speaker roster.  Find the sessions that are going to speak to you about exactly what you are struggling with.  Review the exhibit hall map.  Find the vendors that can help you.  They will be happy to see you.

Schedule Meetings – People might not keep them, but schedule as many as you can.  There are 40,000 people and you really only need to speak to ten of them to make your trip worthwhile…make sure that happens.  If you don’t then you might as well stay home.

Drink Water – It is Vegas.  It is the desert, despite what those canals in the Venetian and the fountains at the Bellagio may lead you to believe. It is dry...drink lots of water and pace yourself on everything else.

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Layers - Let’s face it all shoes are uncomfortable after you walk a hundred aisles of data analytics tools.  Don’t be the one in the suit and flip flops because that is my look and I like being an original.  Conference rooms are cold…even in the desert.  Wear layers!

Don’t Hang out in the Complaint Department – We all know there are barriers to implementation…the first being initiative and the second being inertia.  If any of this were easy, none of us would be here.  Find the people doing it and talk to them about how.  Don’t just sit there and talk to your colleagues about how it won’t work in your organization because if that is what you do, then you are right, it won’t.

Don’t Get Caught in the Hype Cycle – Population health, big data, meaningful use, interoperability, patient engagement, patient empowerment, value driven, value based, safety dance… the Twittersphere is a # stream of buzzwords today and it will continue through next week. Healthcare will not be improved by buzzwords.  There is no magic bullet.  There is no technology that will solve the ills of the system.  What will are partnerships between like-minded organizations working toward a single goal…improved patient care and access to quality care.  Get out there.  Talk to people.  Ask questions. Find partners.  Make an impact!!

Ask Hard Questions – To find solutions, you need to ask questions. Ask vendors who they’re optimizing their solutions for? What problems are their products going to solve? How will their solutions scale in an organization like yours? What value do they bring? Challenge them now. It will save you both time in the future.  If you are a vendor to understand the needs of your customers and deliver solutions, you need to ask questions too. Ask what jobs they need to optimize? What problems they need to solve? This will help you tie your innovations to real solutions associated with JTBDs (jobs to be done). Ask them questions now. It will save everyone time later.

Don’t Let What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas – Well maybe some of it..but not all of it.  When you go to session, write down what you learn and how you will apply it before you leave the room.  Take it all back to your office, reread it, and make a plan and make sure part of the plan is to register for the HealthIMPACT Forum in Houston because we will convene one month later and we’ll be ready to help you put all those ideas into action and help you turn those relationships into partnerships!

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