Healthcare Innovation – To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt that is the Question

Innovation may be the most overused buzzword in business today. So given that HealthIMPACT is the no buzzword, no BS Healthcare IT event, there is some irony to innovation being the opening session of the day at HealthIMPACT Midwest in Chicago tomorrow.

HealthIMPACTers come together because we want to make changes to the established healthcare system and introduce new methods, ideas, and products that will improve America’s healthcare system. Well folks, guess what this is! That is innovating. We come together to HealthIMPACT to innovate by sharing those that are working and rethinking those that aren’t.

Recently, Dr. Paul Tang, Chief Health Information Officer of IBM Watson, one of our distinguished panelists said “We cannot change our position as the country with the world’s most expensive healthcare producing such poor outcomes by simply improving upon our current system…we need disruptive innovation” and that requires collaboration among providers, individuals, families, payers, life science and technology companies.

Disruptive Innovation, also an overused buzzword in business today is defined as a change that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts the status quo displacing established market leading firms, products, and alliances. Of course, we also come to HealthIMPACT to disrupt the status quo. So buzzword bingo be damned, innovation and disruptive innovation is how we will start the day.

In addition to Dr. Paul Tang, we are excited to welcome digital health evangelist, Mandi Bishop who shares our passion for healthcare innovation. Mandi is excited to assist Shahid Shah with chairing the event this year as we dig deep into how health systems need to innovate. As a passionate leader in the field Mandi believes that “Without embracing disruptive innovation, healthcare is only giving lip service to value-based care transformation goals. We must adapt or die.”

At the first HealthIMPACT MidwestDr. Sameer Badlani, Chief Health Information Officer at Sutter Health said, “As a physician, I don’t want to be disrupted. I want to be helped. My work is disruptive enough.” Of course, as innovators, our job is not to disrupt the clinician, it is to create change that supports the triple aim of healthcare. Also and perhaps more importantly, we should add that the changes must improve the clinicians enjoy and excel in the pursuit of medicine.

With MACRA looming, there is a lot of chatter about the disruption it is going to cause, and most believe it isn’t the kind we need. Some health system leaders are asking how can we innovate when we must ready ourselves for another phase of upgrades and improvements that will have broad-reaching impact on IT reporting requirements.

At HealthIMPACT, you’ll hear from the leaders recognized for successful and impactful innovation and how to foster innovation within your organization despite the increasing and evolving demands of health system information management. Online registration is open until the end of today. Provider executives can apply for a free VIP pass using the online code HealthIMPACTVIP and solution providers can get 20% off using the code HealthIMPACTEBRegister today!

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