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Privately hosted or live streamed webinars and meetings that connect innovators with prominent digital health leaders to discuss timely and relevant topics that provide valuable insights to drive success. Purpose Events hosts virtual events throughout the year.  Contact us to learn more.

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HealthIMPACT is where C-Suite healthcare technology executives come to translate innovation into measurable and meaningful improvements in patient experience, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency. Purpose Events holds the HealthIMPACT annually in New York and hosts CXO dinners throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.

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HealthIMPACT Stack is a curated monthly newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers that features the leaders and innovations making an impact on healthcare delivery and outcomes. Subscribe to HealthIMPACT Stack. The HealthIMPACT.Live Channel features interviews and event coverage. Subscribe to the HealthIMPACT Live Channel on Youtube here.


Unparalleled market research to provide business-critical insights.


10,000+ on Linkedin and 3,000+ on Twitter, and a network of 25,000+ healthcare leaders.


Access existing relationships with the thousands of Healthcare leaders in our network  


Uniquely formatted live and virtual events designed to drive engagement and meaningful connections.